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Final Diary entry, 54, added Monday 6th October 2003.

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21 - Aloha from Hawaii - February 2003

Now that I'm well and truly back at sea, the thought of sitting with Rachel at a bar on the beach in Waikiki, Blue Hawaiian cocktail in hand, watching the sun set over the horizon, seems like a distant memory - and yet it was just a few days ago. 

Hawaii consists of a number of islands.  The fleet arrived at the main administrative island, Oahu - home to Pearl Harbour and Honolulu.  We were three days early, so after an extensive clean up and maintenance effort, we all got a good eight day break.  Rachel was on part 2 of her world tour to come and see me and we had the chance to relax away from Clipperville for the time she was there - a desperately needed break.  The whole experience, both on board and in port, is extremely intense and I needed to get away and get some creature comforts - to have Rachel there was a huge bonus.

We visited another island, Kauai, which was the back-drop to films such as Blue Hawaii, South Pacific, Jurassic Park, and Raiders of the Lost Ark - a paradise island.  We also did the North Shore tour on Oahu to see the surfers (complete with hangovers - us, I mean, not the surfers) and I ate properly for the first time in weeks - I think Rachel is trying to fatten me up again.

It was a wrench to head back to sea again, in the knowledge that we would be on the go for over three weeks and heading into the winter cold.  And Rachel won't be back until we get to Hong Kong.  But Ma and Pa Osgood are waiting for me in Japan so that was the spur to get me on board - am really looking forward to seeing them.

Welcome to the mad house

We welcomed five new crewmembers and yet another new skipper to the good ship London as we left Hawaii, bound for Japan.  So you know who they are, here's a little introduction.

Firstly, we have another of our boat secretaries on board.  Rebecca French (aka Frenchy) is a management consultant who is here to restructure our boat and make it all run more efficiently.  Frenchy's celebrity look-a-like is Fergie.

Another Rebecca is Rebecca Chambers (aka Becks).  Becks finds locations for films for a living so we are waiting for the next big blockbuster from Tom Cruise or Russell Crowe to be on a Clipper 60.  Becks' celebrity look-a-like is Bianca from Eastenders.

Big Dave Barrett (aka Big Dave) has also joined us for this one leg.  Dave, who underwent a heart transplant some years ago, is an engineer and is especially welcome, as our current ship's engineer (and the writer of this diary) doesn't know one end of a spanner from the other.  Dave's rather tenuous celebrity look-a-like is Vinnie Jones.

Then there is Simon Cooper (aka Sparky), an electronics engineer, who's joined us for the rest of the Race.  Simon's electronics skills have already been put to the test with power failures, broken water pump, bent aerials etc etc.  And he wanted to get away from it all!  Simon's celebrity look-a-like is Chris Evans.

And finally, welcome to Ross Masterton (aka Ross), a hotelier from Edinburgh who has decided to throw it all in and join the Race until at least Brazil and, hopefully, the end.  Ross has already claimed an ascent of the mast so is very welcome if he is mad enough to want to do such a thing.  Ross' celebrity look-a-like is Hugh Grant.

And our new skipper!

We have also welcomed our new skipper, Rory "McGrath" Gillard.  Rory has been an instant hit with the crew - he can make tea and coffee for starters and seems to know where the foredeck is as well.  His cleaning skills leave a little to be desired though - he has added to London's unique smell by mistaking egg powder for bilge cleaner. 

Rory has introduced a really relaxed and fun, but nevertheless competitive, atmosphere on board and whilst we were sad to see Ed go, Rory is proving to be an excellent replacement.  Celebrity look-a-like is Carl Fogarty.


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