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Final Diary entry, 54, added Monday 6th October 2003.

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27 - Shanghai - nearly

Ross' kitchen

We have a new star in the galley, our very own Jamie Oliver.  Despite heavy conditions, Ross has managed to produce the following:-

A selection of breads, including an amazing cranberry and raison bread.

Home-made crab-cakes with salsa and cucumber, immaculately served on a bed of rice.

Cranberry sponge and custard.

Wonderful Fajitas with all the Mexican trimmings.

Fruit crumble and custard

To name but a few.  There is a waiting list of crewmembers to assist him on mother, to bask in the glow of the genius - although they must enjoy washing up.  Ross is waiting for the call from Sainsbury's for their next round of commercials.

Chinese St Patrick's Day

As we approached the Chinese coast, we woke up to find that the sea had gone green.  The deep blue of the Pacific Ocean had disappeared overnight. Didn't realise that the residents of China celebrated St Patrick's Day by colouring their sea green.

The other big change as we approached the Chinese coast was the huge number of fishing boats and fishing pots.  This after 7 weeks in the Pacific when to see another ship was a once a week event.  It became like the old computer game, Hedgehog, where a hedgehog has to get across 4 or 5 lane motorways without getting squashed - we just had to avoid nets, boats and Chinese fishermen.  Simon nearly picked up a buoy as a souvenir but we told him not to.

Shanghai - nearly

The crew of the good ship London are all very disappointed not to be making it to Shanghai, especially those of us who have family or friends waiting for us there.  It is also very difficult to mentally re-adjust to the fact that the shower that was only hours away is now not going to happen for another week and a comfortable and dry bed is equally far away.

We are making do though.  Lots of catching up with diaries, both personal and this one, big clean-up and dry-out of the boat, running repairs and a little bit of R&R.  Alcohol has been in short supply but the waving of US dollars and miming taking a drink from a large cup has resulted in some local enterprising boatman making a mint in ferrying bottles of beer to us - it tastes wonderful as well!  Other drinks that have been developed are Gin and Tang - Tang being our powdered lemon drink - Vodka and Tang, Amaretto and Tang, Sake and Tang, Tang and Tang.  Tang is the common element really.

Attempts are being made to extend Ross' repertoire in the galley to include homebrew.

Music and madness

Whatever madness is going on up on deck, and believe me, we have had some madness, it is always accompanied to some music.  Here is a brief selection of the types of music that we listen to:-

James Bond Live and Let Die Theme - steering failure Frank Sinatra,  New York, New York - coming into Yokohama and Shanghai

Elvis Presley, A Little less conversation -passage through a fishing fleet

Lounge music - Force 11 gale

Nirvana, Smells like teen spirit - When the showers failed.

Techno - windseeker

Iron Maiden, Can I play with madness - Poled out number 1 with 60 knots of wind

Guns and Roses - windhole

Nina Simone - Three Reefs and the Yankee 3

Bryan Adams - never

Martine's boutique

Whilst we have been anchored outside Shanghai, we have been tied up alongside Liverpool, which has been very sociable (although two video recorders and three car stereos have gone missing).  Apart from the social angle, we have also had the benefit of Martine's boutique, Liverpool's resident barber/hair stylist.  So far, the only taker has been Ossie who has gone for the obligatory No 2.  Simon has been considering a short back and sides, as has Foxy and Rory but no takers yet.   Martine's boutique can be recommended to all Clipper crew as a fast, efficient service - as long as you only want a number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - but make sure she has the correct setting as Shephardo from Liverpool can testify.


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