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Final Diary entry, 54, added Monday 6th October 2003.

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44 - Race 13 - Cape Town to Salvador, Brazil  - July 2003

Just the Atlantic Ocean to go now.

After an all too brief stopover, I am now back at sea en route to Brazil for Race 13.  The race tactics are very similar to the last time we were in the Atlantic in the race from Portugal to Cuba, which now seems a very long time ago.  This time, we need to head north to avoid the semi-permanent South

Atlantic high pressure system (meaning no wind) before turning west and heading across the Atlantic in the south-east trade winds of the southern hemisphere straight to Salvador.  It is a long race, projected to last 23 days.

After a fantastic send off from the waterfront in Cape Town, the best send off since Liverpool, with thousands of people watching us go, we motored for the first 18 hours as there was absolutely no wind.  We started early the following day 120 miles from Cape Town.  Since then, we have headed north and are the most northerly boat in the fleet as I write this.  The extra north that we have means we haven't gone as west as some of the other boats and we are therefore last at the moment.  The plan is that we will be the first boat to find the trade winds and when we do, we will make up on the rest off the fleet very quickly.  Time will tell!

The pressure is certainly on.  London has won this race on each of the three previous races.  We do not want to be the first crew to fail to win.  The winds have been good to us so far and we have made good progress under spinnakers for the last few days. 

And as we go further north, it is starting to get warmer again. That is a good feeling!

Circumnavigator - Part 1

Now we are back in the Atlantic Ocean, it really feels as if we are on the way home.  We have less than three months to go and just four races to go after this one.  Thoughts are already on getting home.  I can't wait!

The closer we get the achievements of this race get greater.  We have now crossed the Atlantic (north), Pacific (north and south) and Indian Oceans, four of the seven seas together with numerous smaller seas.  We have been to five of the seven continents already. 

But the main one is the circumnavigation of the globe - that is why I did the race in the first place.  There are three points for the round the worlders to look forward to: when we cross all the lines of longitude, when we cross the line we made on the way out (known as tying the knot) and when we arrive in Liverpool, which will be the biggest of them all.  The first of these is only a day or so away.

When we started out in Liverpool, we were at 3 degrees west.  In the next day or so we will be at 3 degrees west again for the first time since we crossed the start line, having travelled only west to get there.  It is a tremendous achievement. 

I shall update this site as soon as I get there - after my celebratory Coca Cola that I have smuggled aboard!  Simple things!    


Click here for diary 45 - Race 13 - Arrival in Salvador, Brazil  - July 2003

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