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Final Diary entry, 54, added Monday 6th October 2003.

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5- Sun, sea, sand and sausages the beach party (20th July 2002)

One aspect of this trip which is not advertised is the effort that needs to be made in terms of fundraising.  The cost is substantial and unless you have huge amounts of cash lying around, you have to make the effort to raise funds to pay for the trip.  It's something Ive read about, notably in Pete Goss' Close to the Wind and Peter Nichols' "A Voyage for Madmen" - both books are about round the world yacht races and are very good reads.  Whilst my own efforts are on a much smaller scale, fundraising is an unavoidable part of the reality of competing in such an event thats where the beach party comes in. 

Together with Jazz (a fellow crewmember on London Clipper) and Hanks (a crewmember on Liverpool Clipper), Id organised the beach party to raise
money for the Race.  It took place at Brockwell Lido on 20 July - have a look at some of the pictures below. 

The theme was "Hawaiian Groove".  There was a huge swimming pool, lilos, dinghies, barbeques, gladiatorial jousting, more raffle prizes than we knew what to do with and enough booze to float the QE2 -  all in that well known haven of sun and sand - Dulwich!

It was great to see so many friends coming out to support us and everyone had a fantastic time - so they told us!  Highlights of the evening were the gladiatorial jousting which never seemed to be empty; the food, which included spit roasted lamb; and the raffle - favourite prizes seemed to be JCB Racing (a personal favourite!), holidays in France and Spain and a chance to win hard cash in Grab a Grand.

Despite a little nip in the air, the swimming pool was well used throughout the evening unfortunately, I was the first one in, thanks to a misguided attempt on my part to show off my sea legs by leaping into a dinghy.  On reflection, I think it may be better for me to concentrate on party organisation rather than sailing!

Thanks to all those who came along and supported us.

Click on the thumbnails below for pictures of the beach party.

diary51.jpg (19962 bytes)

diary52.jpg (13618 bytes)

diary53.jpg (16828 bytes)

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